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Do Sapphires Come in Other Colors Besides Blue?

We Are Going to Insure Our Jewelry, Do You Have Any Recommendations?

Is There Really Such a Thing as Colored Diamonds?

What is The Difference, if Any, Between Genuine Gemstones and Natural Gemstones, We Have Heard Both Terms When Shopping for Jewelry?

My Fiancée and I Wanted an Alternate Choice Besides Diamond as Our Center Stone; do You Have Any Ideas?

I heard that they can now enhance diamonds and take out inclusions on the inside of them, is this true?

How did the modern Birthstones come about?

What is the Difference between a Jewelry Appraisal and a Lab Certificate?

Are Bigger Diamonds Always More Valuable Than Smaller Diamonds?

What size diamond should I buy for an engagement ring?

We Read the Term 'Phenomenal Gemstones' When Researching Color, is There Such a Thing and if so What Does it Mean?

I'm Having a Hard Time Getting My Ring Over My Knuckle and When I Do It Always Turns. What Can I Do?

We Heard That Chlorine Can be Bad For Gold Jewelry, is This True?

Why Do Some Rings Cause Some People to Have Allergic Reactions?

Why Do Similar Pieces of Jewelry Have Such Varying Costs?

Why Does The Jewelry Karat System Start at 24?

What Is a Diamond?

What Wedding Anniversaries are Jewelry Related?

Where Did The Ideas For Charm Bracelets Come From?

We Have Been Seeing a Lot About Your Computer Software That You Can Design Jewelry With, Our Question is, We Have an Antique Wedding Set From a Grandmother That We Would Like to Use And Design Our Wedding Rings With, But We Have No Idea Where to Start?

I Have a Men's Diamond Ring, I Have No Doubt That The Ring is Real, But The Ring Has No 14K Stamp in The Band. Someone Told Me That a 14K Stamp is Not a Requirement. Is This True?

Is Jewelry a Good Investment?

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